Forex Bonus Short Glossary

Forex bonus is very attractive things is for forex (foreign currency market) traders. Everybody wants to get free money.
So, in the market forex brokers offer some bonus to happy their client and entice the new client. But maximum forex beginner makes mistake to choose bonus and broker. They don’t want to study about forex fundamentals and about the offered broker.
They simply choose an attractive bonus such as ($500, $1000 or more). To Success with bonus, traders have to know details about bonus, technique, and strategy.
So the blog for you – to discuss all forex bonus (that broker offers):


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You can consists bonus in those categories:

• Forex Welcome bonus
• Forex No Deposit bonus
• Forex Deposit bonus
• Forex loyalty bonus
• Refer a friend bonus
• Forex forecast bonus
• Forex draw bonus
• Forex special bonus
• Forex rebate bonus
• And forex contest is one type of bonus

Let discuss most important to better understand

Forex welcome bonus: It’s the most popular bonus for beginners. Brokers give the bonus to join with broker.
Example: “$50 welcome bonus from B Broker” – If you join (signup) with b broker, the broker will give you “$50” to live trade. So, you can call it also join or signup bonus.

Forex no deposit bonus: NO Deposit bonus like as a welcome bonus and other things- Broker provide the bonus after joining with broker. Brokers offer the bonus only for new clients.

Forex deposit bonus: Deposit bonus is the main features for professional and live trades. The bonus boosts your deposit 40%, 50% or more.
Example: “40% deposit bonus” – means the broker offering 40% deposit bonus. If you deposit $100, the broker will give your $40. You can do live trade with the amount.

Forex Draw bonus: Draw bonus is really special for traders. Sometimes broker arranges lucky draw to happy their traders. You need good luck to win the bonus. The draw bonus prizes are really an awesome such as “a big amount deposit in the live trading account, car, and smartphone.

Forex special bonus: The bonus is really special, broker give some amount it the occasion such as “new year, festival holidays, Ramadan, Valentines, Christmas and more.

Forex contest: Forex contest is a competition. Broker offers two type contest:
1. Forex demo contest: the contest is for demo traders and
2. Forex live contest: the contest is for live traders

Forex demo contest has no risk to lose your own funds. Broker will give you money to trade. But, forex live contest involves with fully risk, you have to deposit your own money. If you lose it then it’s your loss.

Forex live contest only for experienced traders. After calculating the profit, maximum profit gainer will be select the winner. In a single contest winner should multiple. Usually, brokers give contest prizes “cash money, deposit in the trading account, smartphone, and car and sometimes give Europe of romantic island trip”.

Anyway, contest has risk or no risk (demo and live), it’s only for highly skilled and experienced traders.

Conclusion: Forex bonus is really amazing things, but, you have to know to actual way to how to succeed with these bonuses. If you are a beginner in the trading market, we strongly recommend starting with Forex welcome bonus. Forex deposit bonus or any kind of contest is not for you.


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